Dust Away Quick Rechargeable Duster


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Dust Away Quick Rechargeable Duster
Dust Away Quick Rechargeable Duster
This latest innovation in home cleaning is truly life-changing! Make cleaning extremely easy with a motorized duster that cleans instantly. You don't have to disassemble appliances or remove cups from the cupboards when you have a duster than gets into every nooks and cranny.  


  • Fully automatic: just press the on/off button and the motorized duster remove dust faster than feather dusters. Let the duster do the hard work.
  • ELECTROSTATIC CHARGE helps traps dust making cleaning easier
  • Super-soft dust head conforms to all shapes
  • Fits in hard-to-read places
  • Safe for all types of surfaces
  • One-button operation
  • Reusable dust heads

What you get:

1 Hurricane Spin Duster
2 dust heads
1 18” extension rods