EasyLift Mover Tool


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EasyLift Mover Tool
EasyLift Mover Tool
EasyLift Mover Tool

Moving your furniture can be such a struggle, but this ingenious product is here to put an end to your troubles!

The maximum load is 200kg.

Each package includes:
1 x Wheel Bar
4 x Wheeled Mover Rollers

Easy Mover Lifter Tool is all you’ll ever need to move big and heavy furniture like beds, couches, drawers, cabinets, refrigerators and so much more! Whether you’re cleaning up or you just want to redesign your house, there’s no furniture you can’t move into place.

The secret lies in its brilliantly designed lever that can lift up stuff as heavy as 200 kg! Just lift, set, and slide! Now you can move and re-organize your stuff at home in a matter of seconds, without exerting so much effort.

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