Stack 'em Easy Cupboard & Cabinet Organizer


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The Stack 'em Easy Cabinet Organizer is the Universal Organizer For All of Your Cabinets!

Stack 'em Easy Cabinet Organizer kitchen spice rack cabinet organizer is a great invention for space management and kitchen cabinet storage. Its unique design enables you to adjust your items as it is made to expand or contract to fit any size cabinet. Each Stack 'em Easy Cabinet Organizer can be adjusted to as narrow as 7.5” to as wide as 17”. The depth of the shelf is 10 3/8”.

  • Efficient Use of Vertical Space: Standard cabinet designs waste vertical space above stored items. Spicy Shelf Deluxe double spice rack brings that space to use while gives you easy excess to each of the stored spices.
  • 5x Stronger: Spicy Shelf Deluxe large spice rack can hold up to 64 spices thanks to its sturdy new design which make it 5 times stronger than the original spice rack. It can hold up to 40 lbs.
  • New Non-Slip Surface: Now with this new grey rubber "non-slip" surface of the shelf organizer, bottles do not slide around on the shelves. It helps items stay put.

Stack 'em Easy Cabinet Organizer is Great For All This & More!

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